„Modern accounting
and tax services“


  • Comprehensive payroll agenda processing, including employee registrations and de-registrations
  • Representation during inspections by competent authorities, including maintaining ongoing communication with them
  • Ongoing communication with employees and the client’s authorized persons
  • Preparation of payroll reports, annual statements, tax returns, payroll payments, and other required statements
  • Payment of salaries, withholding of payroll deductions, or mailing of pay checks
  • Preparation of reports in the form requested by the client
  • Monitoring of legislative changes and assessment of their potential impact upon the client and the client’s employees


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Martin Šandera is a registered tax advisor and within grantEX group is a partner responsible for accounting and tax advisory services. For a considerable portion of his twelve-year career he has worked in multinational consulting companies, where he held top management positions and was responsible for the provision of tax advisory services to major domestic and foreign clients.