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The hiring of a tax advisor is money well spent. This often results in financial savings in amounts significantly exceeding the consulting fees paid. However, it always leads to minimization of tax risks, which consciously or unconsciously are taken by practically every entrepreneur. The tax advisor takes a significant burden off your shoulders. Underestimating this type of risks should not be taken lightly, today a lot of taxpayers have already learned this the hard way....


  1. One of the widely known benefits is the possibility of legally filing the tax return and paying the related tax (in the case of natural persons, also including insurance premiums) with an extended statutory deadline.
  2. However, it is very important to keep in mind that just as a dentist is not a cardiologist (although both are doctors), similarly, an accountant is not a tax advisor. And neither is an auditor. None of them can fully replace a tax advisor. This is true even for the best accountants or auditors. An experienced tax advisor has:
    • in-depth knowledge of tax law;
    • extensive practical experience with the identification of risks or areas that led to savings for a number of other clients operating in the same or different sectors;
    • up-to-date insight into what the tax authorities currently focus on and how to get properly prepared for upcoming changes in the future, etc.
    • Thanks to consulting a tax advisor, you’ll be sure that you’ve got everything under control and are ready to face any challenge the moment it comes up, instead of reacting ex-post, when it is usually too late. Moreover, a tax advisor is legally bound to preserve confidentiality in relation to third parties.
  3. An external tax advisor is also fully liable for the potential damage caused and is additionally protected by mandatory professional liability insurance covering risks occurring in the tax advisory field. Similar professional liability insurance of accountants or auditors does not usually cover such risks. Hence, the burden of incorrectly interpreting or complying with amendments in the effective legislation is taken off your shoulders. The strict liability of the tax advisor is not constrained by the limits imposed by the labour code, as is the case, for example, with an internal accountant or a tax specialist.
  4. Last but not least, despite the fact that an external tax advisor offers his or her professional expertise in its full scope, you only pay for what you actually use. The cost of receiving the necessary education, obtaining software, and the time spent gathering information from the market, and so forth is allocated among considerably more clients. All of this leads to lower costs, compared to when the tax agenda is processed only by your own effort or your own staff.


This is also congruent with the findings of a recent survey of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic conducted among company representatives, according to which more than 80% of companies are satisfied with the work of their tax advisor and would recommend him or her to others.

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  • Companies operating in the field of manufacturing, commerce, services, and research and development
  • Self-employed natural persons (OSVČ) with tax records, bookkeeping, or even those who claim lump-sum expenses
  • Employees
  • Public benefit entities obligated to file a tax return


  • We are modern and effective. We use technologies that save your time as well as ours. Thanks to this, our cooperation becomes a lot less stressful. In addition, we can offer you lower fees.
  • We are transparent. The prices for our services are clear and definitive. We do not invoice for additional work performed without a prior mutual agreement. Therefore, your costs are foreseeable and under your control.
  • We are flexible. We don’t look for excuses for why something won’t work. On the contrary, we find ways to meet your needs and desires. We understand that mutual satisfaction is the key to long-term and successful cooperation. We are ready to invest in the relationship with you.
  • We offer comprehensive services. We provide all-inclusive advisory services, including accounting, payroll, tax, grant, and legal consulting. You will chiefly benefit from the synergy of our services.
  • We are reliable. We believe in building a long-term relationship based on high-quality services, stress-free cooperation, and mutual trust. We walk the talk and take our responsibility seriously.
  • We are customer-oriented. Not only the quality of services, but also a human and friendly approach is of great importance to us. Without an amiable relationship with you, our cooperation loses meaning.
  • We are professional and experienced. We don’t limit our work to doing menial tasks, but duly think about what we do and strive to make a difference for you. We take it as a matter of course.


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Martin Šandera is a registered tax advisor and within grantEX group is a partner responsible for accounting and tax advisory services. For a considerable portion of his twelve-year career he has worked in multinational consulting companies, where he held top management positions and was responsible for the provision of tax advisory services to major domestic and foreign clients.